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Repair programm
European Union

Latest update : June 2024

Repair programm
European Union

Latest update : June 2024

Home sweet HomePod

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Released in 2018, HomePod (1st generation) offers an impressive sound quality but it suffers from several unexpected issues.

Apple definitely stopped selling them in 2021.

An official out-of-warranty replacement by Apple costs 279€.

We can repair your defective HomePod at a more affordable price.

¹ HomePod Service & Repair - Apple Support

Common issues

There are numerous HomePod issues, and they’re not always repairable.

HomePod has no power. It doesn’t turn on anymore.

The HomePod is totally unresponsive. It looks like it has no power and cannot be reset. 
It doesn't react to "Hey Siri" or touch inputs anymore.

Repair : 100 €¹

HomePod makes a "pop" sound.

When you disconnect your HomePod, or at random times, HomePod makes a loud "pop".

Repair : 100 €¹

HomePod makes a loud "fart" sound and restarts.

While playing music, HomePod makes a loud "fart" sound and suddenly restarts.

Repair : 100 €¹

HomePod volume buttons keep flashing.

Volume buttons flash indefinitely and the HomePod cannot be reset.
audioOS is corrupt and cannot be reinstalled.

No repairs possible

HomePod has no sound anymore.

HomePod doesn’t connect to WiFi.

HomePod has no more bass.

¹ Delivery costs not included.

An additionnal fee will be added depending on your country to send your HomePod back to your address after repair is complete (European Union).

No cosmetic damages.

Fast repair within 1 to 3 days.

Secure payments with Pay.


By mail or iMessage.

Good for the planet.

Since 2021, we repaired more than 300 defective HomePods,
preventing the following materials from ending up in a landfill.

290 kg


180 kg


150 kg


60 kg


And many more.
Check the HomePod environmental report ↗ for more info.

Customer reviews


On peut réparer le HomePod, même si Apple refuse de le faire ↗

"HomePod can be repaired, even if Apple won’t do it"
by Nicolas Furno, journalist at MacGénération
February 4th 2023